Definition of daypack in English:



  • A small rucksack.

    • ‘Our kids each bring one daypack full of pleasures for the road.’
    • ‘I'm used to walking with a twenty kilo pack, so with these daypacks, it was sweet.’
    • ‘This is a van-supported trip, so we need to carry only our daypacks and cameras on our moderate day hikes.’
    • ‘‘Just about every one of our new daypacks have removable computer cases now,’ Kentner says.’
    • ‘You need a daypack to carry a few essentials, as the porters carrying your equipment will usually hike their own way.’
    • ‘So, burdened with my rucksack and daypack, unshaven in T-shirt and travel combats, I wander among the besuited guests, conference attendees and dignitaries like a sore thumb.’
    • ‘Hip belts on daypacks prevent the pack from moving around.’
    • ‘Along with a water bottle, new goggles and camera in my daypack was a diary.’
    • ‘Also, bring along a daypack, an extra water bottle, energy bars (or your favorite healthy snacks), pain relievers and muscle rubs.’
    • ‘All the equipment needed to sail on skis comes stored in a medium sized daypack.’
    • ‘As we shouldered our daypacks, the sun broke through a thin haze of clouds, and melting snow soon revealed a patchwork of meadow and forest lying in gentle folds before us.’
    • ‘The next moment, Nostdal felt something smack into his daypack, and he lost control of the bike.’
    • ‘‘It's kind of cool, seeing more and more businessmen carrying computer daypacks,’ Kentner said.’
    • ‘As I strapped on my daypack, something moving out in the water caught my eye.’
    • ‘On all the treks featured here, porters are available to carry their gear, so all they carry personally is a small daypack with water and a camera.’
    • ‘‘It has a detachable daypack,’ said Chuck, grinning, ‘and a lot of pockets.’’
    • ‘A few minutes later, Suzanne strode up wearing a pile jacket and tights and carrying a small daypack.’
    • ‘It is essentially a heavy-duty daypack that incorporates a smaller around-town bag.’
    • ‘The blanket is lightweight, easy to carry in a daypack or on a frame.’
    • ‘I'll have fire starter in my daypack, along with windproof ‘lifeboat’ matches in a waterproof container.’
    • ‘There's also a hiking option: You carry a daypack; the horse carries the rest.’
    • ‘Sir Edmund brought a small white daypack, a first-aid kit, a thermos of tea, and a pack of Sportsmen cigarettes.’
    • ‘It is a crossover bag that functions as a daypack and as a business case.’
    • ‘With ample space and a detachable daypack, it's the perfect carrier for students on the go.’
    • ‘Tairesu winced slightly at his brother's tone and packed his daypack more hastily.’
    • ‘Hot and sweaty again, we quickly strip off our shoes, socks and daypacks, leaving them by a great tree whose limbs shade the pond, and jump in.’