Definition of daybreak in English:



  • The time in the morning when daylight first appears; dawn.

    ‘she set off at daybreak’
    • ‘At daybreak, Doune woke with a startled jolt of fear, looking around and telling himself it was only a dream.’
    • ‘Every morning at daybreak we would hear hauntingly long-drawn fluid birdcalls.’
    • ‘At daybreak, her father went out looking for his daughter and at 10 am reported her missing.’
    • ‘Evenings are cool, and it's misty at daybreak, but by midday the sun can still be punishingly hot.’
    • ‘Having survived the night, we woke to a daybreak as magical as any I can recall.’
    • ‘At daybreak, as he awakened again and struggled to sit up, a crowd of peasants gathered around him.’
    • ‘The event ends when it ends, sometime during the night, and by daybreak it's done for another year.’
    • ‘At daybreak on a chilly mid-October morning, Phipps' imposing fleet arrived in the harbour.’
    • ‘Many visitors, he said, preferred to see the ancient stone circles at daybreak or at sunset.’
    • ‘At daybreak, Tamora woke Cleo and took her to wash in the river.’
    • ‘By daybreak, rucksacks are white with frost inside the tents.’
    • ‘It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of captivity.’
    • ‘At daybreak families emerge from their walled houses with cups and toothbrushes.’
    • ‘At daybreak Billy Buck emerged from the bunkhouse and stood for a moment in the porch looking up at the sky.’
    • ‘Three hairdressers appeared at daybreak in order to ready my hair for the wedding.’
    • ‘The show began officially on Thursday morning before daybreak.’
    • ‘Low tide would be at three twenty-one the following morning; an hour after daybreak and two hours before dawn.’
    • ‘I had to ride out in the morning, so I planned to get up at daybreak.’
    • ‘At daybreak my socks and boots were frozen solid, but the valley warmed fast when the sun topped the snowcapped peaks.’
    • ‘We fought all through the night until daybreak, where only three warriors remained standing.’
    dawn, break of day, crack of dawn, sunrise, daylight, first light, first thing in the morning, early morning, cockcrow
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