Definition of daybook in English:



  • 1An account book in which a day's transactions are entered for later transfer to a ledger.

    • ‘The daybook kept by Joshua Shipman, a cabinetmaker, records a brisk business between 1796 and 1803.’
    • ‘Daniel Burnap's daybooks and ledgers record the sale of forty-nine clocks over a twenty-year period.’
    • ‘Entries in the daybook show date of purchase, name of purchaser, items bought and cost.’
    • ‘The front page of one of the daybooks includes a heading for a ‘butter account’.’
    • ‘The shopkeeper's role as a banker is also evident from several entries recorded in the daybook during 1796.’
    • ‘Swan appears as a customer in Revere's daybooks every year between 1782 and 1787.’
    • ‘Further contact with his descendants yielded daybooks from about 1881, when he started up business as an independent craftsman.’
    • ‘When he turned twenty-one, he began to keep a daybook in which he listed everything he owed and everything owed him.’
    • ‘A vet is required to keep all records of testing in daybooks filled in at the time of the test’
    • ‘The daybook entries of Potter and Allen in Oakham, Massachusetts, for example, include entries for moccasins, mats, and baskets in the 1830s.’
    • ‘During the 19th century account numbers began to replace slashes to indicate posting of daybook entries.’
    • ‘One of the many entries in the daybook carefully records the number of gallons of whiskey and cider used to pay Dabney Carr, the nephew of Thomas Jefferson.’
    notepad, notebook, pad, memo pad, exercise book, binder
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  • 2North American A diary.

    • ‘In a daybook or journal, begin to keep a record of interesting character names and place names related to your community.’
    • ‘If this reader wants to be like Ink, she can begin by writing some short opinion pieces in a daybook.’
    • ‘‘All the writing in the daybook is a form of talking to myself, a way of thinking on paper,’ says Murray.’
    • ‘A daybook, or journal, can be a seedbed for ideas.’
    • ‘Robert has checked his daybook - his survey was at end Sept. 93.’
    • ‘I enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to dig out my daybook from a seminar five years ago.’
    • ‘It's all routine, all noted in my daybook, and much if not all of it has happened before.’
    • ‘I returned home with a daybook bulging with inspiration.’
    • ‘Consequently, I then began to read the therapist notes, the daybooks, and the expert reports by a variety of mental health professionals.’
    • ‘I still carried home a daybook full of things I want to remember, put into practice, take to heart, and share with others.’
    • ‘The history of upper-class folk in the Old South is documented through journals, diaries, daybooks, and material possessions.’
    diary, day-by-day account, daily record, log, logbook, weblog, blog, vlog, moblog, yearbook
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