Definition of dayan in English:



  • A religious judge, in particular one in a rabbinic court.

    • ‘Judges other than dayanim must also pledge loyalty to the laws of the state; dayanim are subject only to religious law.’
    • ‘However provoked, the dayanim adjourned without a decision and set a date for a second trial.’
    • ‘During the vigil a representative of the Beth Din invited participants inside to meet the dayanim.’
    • ‘Now we are encouraging them to appoint dayanim who are open to social change and ready to fight for it.’
    • ‘After a brief consultation, the dayanim will ask you to enter.’
    • ‘Sadly, however, I was witness to many more instances where dayanim treated women petitioners, as well as their female lawyers, with a disdain bordering on hostility.’


From Hebrew dayyān, from dān ‘to judge’.