Definition of day room in English:

day room


  • A room, especially a communal room in an institution, used during the day.

    • ‘The day room, which is kept isolated from the rest of the hospital within the maternity unit, is where the mums eat their meals, drink coffee, watch television or relax, she said.’
    • ‘The nurse directed us to the day room where my mother joined us.’
    • ‘He barely talks to anybody but he can often be seen standing alone in the day room, staring blankly or cackling and muttering to himself.’
    • ‘A large room on board the 'Aphrodite' serves as the Captain's dayroom.’
    • ‘The students then took a short tour of part of Dove House and afterwards joined the patients in the day room in a painting session.’
    • ‘The patients seemed to prefer the corridor of this rather dreary ward to their day room.’
    • ‘They provided us with tea and biscuits and let us wait in the day room.’
    • ‘The pair were married with more than 50 guests present in the day room on Ward One.’
    • ‘Apparently there is a day room where you can watch TV.’
    • ‘The rest of the buildings - including the library, the refectory, the day room and the monks' cells - were all out of bounds.’
    • ‘Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the North East Kilkenny Community a new CCTV system has been installed and furnishings have been purchased for the day room.’
    • ‘The Matron thanked all those involved for their generosity and said the gifts would bring hours of enjoyment to the patients in the day room.’
    • ‘After a few hours I walked to the day room to phone the kids.’
    • ‘The ship docked early, and since our flight was not until later that night, Windstar put us in a day room at the Hotel Sheraton, minutes from the airport.’
    • ‘During the party, Micheál and Kevin visited the wards, signing books and chatting with the patients that couldn't make it to the day room.’
    • ‘In the pod he mostly stays in his cell but this last week he strayed over to a table in the day room were I was studying and struck up a conversation.’
    • ‘Bathrooms, toilets, the smoke room and day room were dirty and carpets and furniture were very worn.’
    • ‘In the evenings, inmates are allowed to socialise together in the day room.’
    • ‘There is a relaxed atmosphere, with a day room with a TV, sofa, kitchen, computer and musical instruments and the unit is used by patients, their friends and relations.’
    • ‘Emotions ran high as the 41-year-old mum married long-time love Reynaldo Serrant in the day room at Cookridge Hospital in Leeds, yesterday.’


day room