Definition of day lily in English:

day lily


  • A Eurasian lily which bears large yellow, red, or orange flowers, each flower lasting only one day.

    Genus Hemerocallis, family Liliaceae

    • ‘The day lilies in the ditch north of Five Corners are orange summer sentinels, fully at attention.’
    • ‘I pushed open the little gate and walked into the dooryard with the neatly mown grass bordered by lilacs and peonies and day lilies…’
    • ‘The lawn bordering it was nothing to ogle at, but was certainly well kept, as were the day lilies that bordered the wide path.’
    • ‘He is also noted as a gardener who has grown, among other things, 100 varieties of day lilies.’
    • ‘But he always came at dusk, when the day lilies are going in, and the mothers call their children back home.’
    • ‘Farther north along Highway E, day lilies are in bloom.’