Definition of date mussel in English:

date mussel


  • A brown, cigar-shaped bivalve mollusc which bores into limestone and coral.

    Genus Lithophaga, family Mytilidae

    • ‘The Asian mussel - also known as the Asian date mussel - is a bag mussel native to the north-western Pacific coast.’
    • ‘Rocks and coral blocks cast up on shore often show the tell-tale circular or oval openings of the burrows of boring bivalves such as piddocks and date mussels.’
    • ‘Some mussels, date mussels, secrete acid and dissolve limestone.’
    • ‘The date mussel's shell is covered with a thick brown layer of horny material, which protects it against the acid.’
    • ‘Urchin pits and piddock and date mussel holes are valuable habitat for other animals.’