Definition of dataveillance in English:



mass noun
  • The practice of monitoring digital data relating to personal details or online activities.

    • ‘The don't even begin to convey the vast scope of dataveillance, the massive collection and distillation of consumer data into a hyper-sophisticated brand of marketing analysis.’
    • ‘Until and unless comprehensive information privacy protection is in place, effective controls over the techniques of dataveillance will not be possible.’
    • ‘So-called dataveillances are used extensively in marketing, medicine, policing and border control, offering advantages and disadvantages.’
    • ‘Watchdog groups are especially concerned about four of the programs that constitute a ‘dragnet’ or dataveillance, a surveillance of large groups of people, on citizen and terrorist alike.’
    • ‘Increasing cyber crime, along with surveillance, dataveillance and the steady erosion of privacy, has become one inevitable human dimension of information technology.’
    • ‘Mass dataveillance threatens us with more than embarrassment and invasions of privacy: It also threatens our values of equality in ways that could transform the relationship between citizens and their government.’


1970s: blend of data and surveillance.