Definition of data link in English:

data link


  • A telecommunications link over which data is transmitted.

    • ‘Information on the call sign's position derived via GPS and passed up via data link will free 80% of the net capacity.’
    • ‘A high-bandwidth receive-only data link, relayed by satellite, provides them with a partial picture from off board sensors far from the area.’
    • ‘The method includes the step of establishing a data link between a database application of the host and a database application of the terminal of the agent through the dedicated connection.’
    • ‘Giving them air-to-air radar capability would allow tactics of remote-radar data link or missile launches beyond visual range, which could be guided by the UAV's radar beam.’
    • ‘Data on cruise missiles getting past the F-22s would be passed via data link to second and third layer air patrols of F-15s and F-18Es with advanced radars.’
    • ‘One of the first demonstrations was a 2.7 mile gigabit data link linking the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on Coconut Island in Kane'ohe Bay to Oahu.’
    • ‘The standard procedure was to establish the aircraft in a hover, train the forward-looking-infrared radar to the contact, and downlink the picture via our HAWK or data link.’
    • ‘Through a secure digital data link the firer is allocated a target aircraft and a series of tones are used to help guide the firer onto target.’
    • ‘‘The user just needs to phone the other number or use the name in the phone's address book, and the system will automatically set up a data link to that person,’ said Larri.’