Definition of dastur in English:


(also dastoor)


  • A chief priest of the Parsees.

    • ‘Taking photographs and videos of what lies within the dakhma is an utterly irreligious act, and I am sure that my fellow dasturs support me in condemning such an act.’
    • ‘The dasturs are dressed entirely in white, and they are held in great esteem.’
    • ‘As per the simplistic traditions of the parsee community, Mr Palkhivala's body was placed in Albless Bungli, where at 7: 40 am, dastoors or parsee priests began their recitations of prayers and verses from the gathas in the traditional payadast ritual.’
    • ‘Pervez Patel, a Parsi priest from Queens, New York, lead the ten dasturs, from New York and the northeast, in the ceremonies and group prayers including nine-year old Porus Khambatta.’
    • ‘After midnight on the third day the fire is shifted by the dasturs or priests in the absence of any artificial lighting to its temporary place in the ante-room.’


Persian, from Old Persian dastōbār.