Definition of dastardliness in English:



humorous, dated
  • See dastardly

    • ‘About the only things that change from one Plum novel to the other are the eccentricities of the skips and the dastardliness of the chief Bad Guy.’
    • ‘Few, perhaps, could have reckoned with the peculiar dastardliness of dispatching a special ambassador to play for time until preparations for a surprise attack were ready.’
    • ‘For once I finally know who my enemies are, so I might as well treat them with the same dastardliness that they would treat me.’
    • ‘The second half of Birth of a Nation was intended to leave its viewers speechless, shaking with anger at the dastardliness of the upstart blacks, and their white supporters.’
    • ‘I love that game, it requires absolutely no skill or dastardliness.’