Definition of dasher in English:



  • 1informal A person who dresses or acts flamboyantly or stylishly.

    • ‘Chris Gayle and Wavell Hinds are both unreliable dashers, and West Indies can afford only one such player at the top.’
    • ‘He's got a bit of height about him and he's dasher who kicked a brilliant running goal in last quarter.’
    • ‘Once a dasher with the bat, then altering his game, morphing into a grafter, then again, at the very end of his career, throwing his bat at anything in hitting distance.’
    • ‘So, a small tip for the road rage - or should I say aisle rage trolley dashers - is to, next year, calm down a little.’
    • ‘But I was a dasher through and through, and anything beyond a quarter mile nearly killed me.’
  • 2A plunger for agitating cream in a churn.

    • ‘Mix is then pumped into the computerized ice cream freezers, where it is whipped, injected with air, scraped with dashers and frozen.’
    • ‘Letting the dashers spin for a minute or two without the freezing option will help the ice cream come out of the machine more easily, if the machine has the ability.’
    • ‘At that point, mix is pumped into ice cream freezers, where it is scraped with dashers and frozen to 26 degrees.’
    • ‘Well, if you don't want butter, you go to pull the dasher out in time.’
    • ‘It's a bowl you stick in the freezer for twenty-four hours, then slot onto your Kitchenaid with a special dasher attachment.’
  • 3Ice Hockey
    The ledge along the top of the boards of a rink.

    • ‘We had to take out 17 rows of artificial tuff from the Soccer field, a full set of dasher boards, and six tons of plate glass.’
    • ‘I want to see the dasher boards full of advertising, the suites full of sponsors and the banners raised showing the club's great success.’