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  • 1The panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls.

    ‘Scott looked at the clock on the dashboard’
    • ‘I was interested and not a little amused to note a panel on the dashboard with three small indicator lights.’
    • ‘If these features are available, they should be easily configurable via a simple electronic control panel on vehicle dashboards, and the defaults should favor quiet and discretion.’
    • ‘The driver can turn the system off, which prompts the screen to retract into the dashboard.’
    • ‘A long dashboard reaches deep into the sloping windscreen with almost none of the bonnet visible as you peer over the dash.’
    • ‘The dashboard controls are clear, although on the model I tested the switchgear area largely featured blanks.’
    • ‘Tomorrow's vehicles will be loaded with personalizable electronic dashboards, navigation systems, entertainment/communication systems and a slew of services.’
    • ‘It will be possible to put the at-a-glance guide on the dashboard or windscreen in the driver's line of sight.’
    • ‘Controls on the dashboard allow the driver to turn the display on or off, select which information to display or adjust the image format.’
    • ‘I popped my orange disabled drivers badges on the dashboard and peered at the meter.’
    • ‘From the driver's viewpoint, the dashboard controls are a great improvement over those of the old version.’
    • ‘Thylac leans forward and presses several blinking controls on the dashboard.’
    • ‘Even more extraordinarily, the sportier S-types have aluminium-finished dashboards and interior highlights.’
    • ‘Saddle leather is also used for the top roll of the dashboard and center console.’
    • ‘Interface dashboards connote performance assessment in the way physical vehicles' dashboards communicate speed, fuel levels, and potential system problems.’
    • ‘I had a few misgivings: the visibility of the dashboard was obscured by the steering wheel and the seats at the back were pretty cramped.’
    • ‘Lights on the vehicles' dashboards go from gold to green.’
    • ‘On the dashboard the bleeping sound carried on and a red light was flashing with the sound.’
    • ‘All the one-hour parking would be policed via time-discs with a clock displayed by drivers on their dashboard.’
    • ‘Guidelines say blue badges must be displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle or in a conspicuous position so all details on it can be clearly seen.’
    • ‘Many devices today, from cell phones and laptop computers to automobile dashboards and aircraft instruments, contain wires and components bonded to plastic substrates that can bend without damaging the electronics.’
    console, instrument panel, fascia, board
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    1. 1.1 A graphical summary of various pieces of important information, typically used to give an overview of a business.
      ‘an executive dashboard enables a CEO to see bank balances, the top five customers, accounts receivable, and accounts payable’
      • ‘The more specialized dashboards should make it even easier for your business to soar safely.’
      • ‘The CEO checks his dashboard hourly.’
      • ‘Instead of visiting HR's website to learn about a new policy, you'll find it on the dashboard.’
      • ‘Users interact with a real-time dashboard - a customized view that provides accurate and current company information.’
      • ‘He also uses his dashboard to identify and purge slow-moving products that aren't meeting the company's profit target.’
      • ‘Executives can be alerted to the risks the business is facing by the use of dashboards.’
      • ‘They also built a dashboard on execs' PCs to help monitor the business.’
      • ‘Personalized Web-based dashboards let a leader get a snapshot of internal and external information rather than having to sift through masses of material.’
      • ‘Like a business that can track all of its units in real-time on a dashboard, the government could aggregate data to spot trends.’
      • ‘"He gave us the dashboard to see what we're doing - not just at the executive level but also on the front lines," notes Main.’
      • ‘The dashboard transforms complex project data into relevant management information, making clearly visible the effect of design or schedule changes.’
      • ‘The results are displayed as a dashboard for business managers and from this it is possible for technical staff to drill down to identify specific problems in the network.’
      • ‘An "executive insight dashboard" was added to give a real-time view of the company's operations.’
    2. 1.2 A home page on a website giving access to different elements of the site's functionality.
      ‘the main line graph in the dashboard shows daily traffic to our site over the past 30 days’
      • ‘You need to accept the invitation I sent you so that my blog appears on your dashboard!’
      • ‘The dashboard shows all your email messages, when they were sent, when they were read and how much time elapsed between the two events.’
      • ‘The dashboard shows alerts and errors at a glance.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, unless I'm mistaken, the on / off switch for that has disappeared from Blogger's publishing dashboard.’
      • ‘It serves as a simple dashboard to give quick stats on each server.’
      • ‘Stats collection has been temporarily turned off, so you will not see your post count or recent posts updating on your dashboard or profile.’
      • ‘The Blogger dashboard this morning has a somewhat 'broken' sidebar!’
      • ‘After I clicked the 'Next' button to proceed, the dashboard main window appeared.’
      • ‘If one area of the dashboard shows that the proxy server is being overloaded, the signal might turn red.’
      • ‘The interface for typing in your entries is a joy to use, featuring a 'dashboard' that lists your blogs and easy access to editing current posts and creating new ones.’
  • 2historical A board of wood or leather in front of a carriage, to keep out mud.