Definition of Dartmoor pony in English:

Dartmoor pony


  • A pony of a small hardy breed with a long shaggy coat in winter.

    • ‘The Dartmoor Pony is an attractive pony very much in demand for its gentle nature as a child's first riding mount.’
    • ‘Jackie's Dartmoor pony Springtimes Mischief, ridden by Polly Edsell, took the small breeds International ticket.’
    • ‘Pedigree Dartmoor ponies, which were originally bred from the indigenous animals that run free on the moor, are sold all over the world but do not run free on the moor.’
    • ‘The Dartmoor of today is an extremely versatile riding pony. In addition to the Mountain and Moorland showing classes, Dartmoor ponies are extremely successful in Riding Pony classes, excel at jumping and are agile and fast in gymkhana events.’
    • ‘Dartmoor ponies stand an average of twelve hands (48") at the withers. They are dark in color, mostly bay, brown or black with an occasional gray or chestnut.’


Dartmoor pony