Definition of darmstadtium in English:



mass noun
  • The chemical element of atomic number 110, a radioactive element produced artificially.

    • ‘Element 110 or darmstadtium as it is informally called, was discovered at the Laboratory for Heavy Research (called GSI) in Darmstadt, Germany.’
    • ‘I've updated the Periodic Table entries for the halogen astatine and for darmstadtium, which you may know better as element 110 or ununnilium.’
    • ‘However, unlike its stable family members, darmstadtium decays after a fraction of a thousandth of a second by emitting alpha particles - fast moving helium-like particles.’
    • ‘ELEMENT MAKER GSI's UNILAC accelerator was used to bombard a lead target with a beam of nickel atoms to create darmstadtium.’
    • ‘Element 110, darmstadtium, is a synthetic element that is not present in the environment at all.’
    • ‘Last year the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry agreed that element 110 should be known as darmstadtium, and that GSI should also be credited with the discovery of element 111.’


Early 21st century: named after the German city of Darmstadt (where it was discovered) + -ium.