Definition of Darling shower in English:

Darling shower


  • A dust storm.

    ‘clouds moved round the horizon, but they'd only produce a Darling shower’
    • ‘Clouds used to come up and move in a stately procession round the horizon, but the best they could do was to produce a Darling shower.’
    • ‘In the western districts when a storm occurred, such as was known as a Darling shower, people wearing dark clothing looked very disreputable.’
    • ‘This continental wind transports fine dust particles, earning it the name of the Darling shower (after the Darling River) in New South Wales.’
    • ‘Darling showers don't soak me.’
    • ‘There is an extensive ancient cemetery, recently exposed by the action of simooms, locally known as Darling showers.’
    • ‘There's a strong, dry northwest wind, bringing Darling showers.’
    • ‘A Darling shower is three claps of thunder, two drops of rain, and one dust storm.’
    • ‘This is where where the Darling showers riot unchecked.’
    • ‘I had been through many Darling showers before, but rarely one like this.’
    • ‘Darling showers is what they used to call such dust storms.’


Mid 19th century: named after the Darling river and the semi-arid environment around it.