Definition of darl in English:



NZ, Australian
  • ‘don't worry, darl, I'm not having the best day myself’
    short for darling (as a form of address)
    • ‘Thanks darl, you make it that much easier to get through the day.’
    • ‘Kisses back to you, darl.’
    • ‘She reached over to give Rose a hug and told her, "Cheer up, darl."’
    • ‘She is a petite woman in her late forties, a smoker, who punctuates everything with the word "darl".’
    • ‘Everybody always laughs at us, darl.’
    • ‘Gosh, darl, you really need to read up on your acronyms.’
    • ‘You can only wonder what his wife was thinking when he said, "Darl, would you like to sit down, there is something I have to tell you."’
    • ‘Hey darl, are you finished?’
    • ‘Any shop assistant who calls you 'darl', 'love', or 'sweetie' is in fact daring you to stab them with whatever is closest to hand.’
    • ‘Tea, darl?’


Early 20th century: abbreviation.