Definition of darkling beetle in English:

darkling beetle


  • A dark-coloured nocturnal beetle, typically with reduced or absent wings.

    Family Tenebrionidae: numerous genera and species

    • ‘In the field experiments, generalist aphids and darkling beetles were the dominant herbivores.’
    • ‘Eleodes extricata is a widespread, grassland darkling beetle classified as a scavenger, feeding primarily on decaying vegetation, fungi, and seeds.’
    • ‘Generally, pitfall trap data indicated that darkling beetles significantly preferred unmowed areas to mowed areas, while crickets showed no preference.’
    • ‘Hide beetles are larger than darkling beetles, about 1/3 inch long, dark brown on top, with a mostly white undersurface (belly).’
    • ‘A new insecticide labelled for control of darkling beetles, hide beetles and flies, known as orthoboric acid, provides long residual control up to nine to twelve months or longer.’