Definition of dark tourism in English:

dark tourism


mass noun
  • Tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering.

    ‘he's planning a project on dark tourism, documenting the increasing popularity of morbid landmarks around the world’
    • ‘If you have ever been to the world war battlefields in northern France, a Holocaust museum or even a military cemetery, then you've participated - perhaps unknowingly - in dark tourism.’
    • ‘'Dark tourism', as it's been dubbed, is on the increase, as people around the world fight to ensure the sins of the past are not forgotten.’
    • ‘He suggests people might engage in dark tourism to redress this balance - to explore the meaning of their own mortality and to indulge their curiosity about death in a socially acceptable public context.’
    • ‘If you've ever had the desire to visit a battlefield or some other location where death and tragedy occurred that's a type of traveling called "dark tourism."’
    • ‘He presented his research into dark tourism at the symposium and said he found the event very useful.’
    • ‘Traveling to the scene of a tragedy is also called dark tourism and the people who do it are said to be jumping on the grief bandwagon.’
    • ‘I am currently writing an article on 'dark tourism' and ecocide.’
    • ‘We don't want to be just about 'dark tourism', we also want to show off Bethlehem's assets and its 4,000-year history.’
    • ‘What are the motivations of these consumers of 'dark tourism'?’
    • ‘The JFK tour is the latest example of 'dark tourism', a new and growing phenomenon that is beginning to attract academic concern.’
    • ‘I have just been reading research suggesting that there is a kind of "dark tourism" associated with attendance at such services.’