Definition of dark nebula in English:

dark nebula


  • A non-luminous nebula of dust and gas that is observable because it obscures light from other sources.

    • ‘There are different forms of nebulas, dark nebulas, emission nebulas and celestial nebulas.’
    • ‘Both dark nebulas and luminous nebulas are considered likely sites for the processes of dust-cloud condensation and the formation of new stars.’
    • ‘In the inner regions of dark nebulae important events take place, such as the formation of stars and masers.’
    • ‘These dark nebulas are places where new stars are beginning their gravitational collapse and have yet to begin nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘For nebulas there are emission nebula, reflection nebulas, planetary nebulas, dark nebulas and supernova remnants.’
    • ‘In the Cigar Galaxy, there are blank spots where it appears there are not any stars, just dark nebulas.’