Definition of dark energy in English:

dark energy


mass nounPhysics
  • A theoretical form of energy postulated to act in opposition to gravity and to occupy the entire universe, accounting for most of the energy in it and causing its expansion to accelerate.

    ‘Einstein's theories allow for the possible existence of dark energy’
    • ‘The need for the dark energy has been invoked by a need to explain the acceleration of distant galaxies.’
    • ‘Whatever dark energy turns out to be, we already know how to measure it and how to calculate its effects on the cosmos.’
    • ‘According to the model, the Big Bang is followed by a period of slow expansion and gradual accumulation of dark energy.’
    • ‘The ever-growing amount of dark energy progressively accelerates the universal expansion.’
    • ‘An issue that arose during the discussion was whether dark energy worked against gravity.’
    • ‘Today scientists are developing multiple strategies for measuring dark energy in new and different ways.’
    • ‘The chief sign of the existence of dark energy is that the universe's expansion is accelerating.’
    • ‘Astronomers do believe that some kind of dark energy is slowly speeding up the Universe's expansion.’
    • ‘It is too soon yet to know whether the existence of dark energy will be confirmed with future experiments.’
    • ‘Dark energy is a form of energy that does not dilute as the universe expands.’
    • ‘It is also possible to modify GR directly in four dimensions to help do away with the need for dark energy.’
    • ‘The evidence for gravitationally repulsive dark energy is strong, but there are gaps in our knowledge.’
    • ‘The energy density of dark energy, which depends on w, affects the expansion rate.’
    • ‘The equation-of-state parameter governs the rate at which the dark energy density evolves.’
    • ‘Because dark energy can turn gravity into a repulsive force, it could account for this acceleration.’
    • ‘Researchers ascribe this strange state of affairs to dark energy, an entity that's the flip side of gravity.’
    • ‘Nobody knows how to calculate dark energy which is causing the Universe to accelerate.’
    • ‘Yet dark energy is a nebulous concept, one that has thus far flummoxed some of the smartest researchers on the planet.’
    • ‘Steve Petranek and I talked about dark matter, dark energy and gravity.’
    • ‘Well, what you can see are the gravitational effects, both of dark matter and of the dark energy.’