Definition of dark current in English:

dark current


  • The residual electric current flowing in a photoelectric device when there is no incident illumination.

    • ‘When an ignition switch is OFF, only the sub converter supplies the dark current to the low voltage load and the main DC-DC converter is turned OFF.’
    • ‘Background noise in the camera is limited by readout noise: 0.5 counts/pixel/s comes from dark current and 5.9 counts/pixel/s from readout noise.’
    • ‘We define the dark current noise, or dark-current shot noise (i sd), as where q is the electron charge and I d is the dark current.’
    • ‘First the pointwise current is integrated over the lateral boundary of the rod outer segment and suppression of dark current is computed.’
    • ‘The use of 3 - D DROCs results in improved QEs and narrow spectral responses, while the reduction in MQW area and in number of wells promotes lower dark current and higher photoconductive gain, respectively.’
    • ‘No photoinduced electric signal was observed except the light independent current, the so-called dark current, which was from potential differences between electrodes.’