Definition of daringly in English:



  • See daring

    • ‘Usually, dance excursions into Dadaism or Absurdism are deliberately, even daringly fanciful, with an emphasis on highly colorful costuming and decor.’
    • ‘Some of his most formidable work involved a defense of the public school teacher, John Scopes - a man who daringly hoped to teach evolution instead of creation in science class.’
    • ‘So pop's most daringly artificial moments constantly become its new lingua franca.’
    • ‘On her wrists and ankles, she wore chains of golden bells which pealed quietly, yet daringly as she moved to take centre stage, standing right before the fire where everyone had gathered.’
    • ‘George Sugarman, a contemporary of the Minimalists who daringly embraced ornament and idiosyncrasy as elements of his practice, became an inspirational figure.’
    • ‘She daringly took a bite, ‘This is the best DAMN food I've ever eaten!’’