Definition of danthonia in English:



mass noun
  • A widely distributed tufted grass that grows on poor soils and is of low palatability to grazing animals.

    • ‘We examined the field distribution of Danthonia spicata infected and uninfected by the epiphytic fungus Atkinsonella hypoxylon relative to soil resource levels.’
    • ‘Central to this successful group of semi-arid species is the suite of danthonias, known in Australia as ‘wallaby grasses’.’
    • ‘The Danthonia was decimated by the corellas this year. The mothers just pulled up all the new growth by the 1,000's when plowing the paddocks.’
    • ‘In dry, open, lowland situations, the hairy and ringed Danthonias, D. pilosa and D. semiannularis, are common.’
    • ‘Experiments prove to me that many of the New Zealand grasses are very valuable for their feeding and fattening properties, such as the Danthonias.’


Modern Latin, named after Étienne Danthoine, 19th-century French botanist.