Definition of dandiya raas in English:

dandiya raas


mass noun
  • A type of traditional Gujarati dance in which pairs of dancers hold a short stick in each hand and strike one another's sticks in time to the music.

    • ‘In India there are big garba and dandiya raas parties in towns and cities, often with major dandiya performers joining in.’
    • ‘The Gujarati community of the city celebrated Navratras by organising a dandiya raas under the leadership of its president, Mr Raj Thakur of Shree Gujarati Samaj.’
    • ‘Along with dandiya raas, one also witnessed other dances like huddo, characterised by a vigorous clapping of hands by two rows of men resembling high fives.’
    • ‘Navratri, the much-awaited nine day celebration marked by dandiya raas and garba will see the latest fashion trends on display, as every year.’
    • ‘Mostly played on the ‘sharad pooram’ day, which falls after the Navaratri celebrations, the ‘dandiya raas’ is played to the lilting tunes of Gujarati folk music, which usually hails the glory of ‘Ambe Ma’.’
    • ‘Originally a male dance, dandiya raas once served as a stand-in for sword fights but has lost its meaning and is now just good fun all around.’


Gujarati, from dandiya ‘sticks’ (from daṇḍi ‘stick’) and raas ‘dance’.


dandiya raas

/ˈdandɪə rɑːs/