Definition of damping in English:



mass noun
  • 1technical A reduction in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or other resistive forces.

    • ‘Another alternative is to use a damping compound in the concrete, which increases the natural damping of the concrete and cuts the amplitude of vibrations by a factor of four.’
    • ‘It resembles that for the vibrations of one-degree-of-freedom with damping, with the system resonant frequency appears around 600 Hz.’
    • ‘It has an adaptive suspension with different settings, based on a system of independently controlled damping at all four corners of the car.’
    • ‘Good agreement was obtained for all motions except roll motion, which usually showed strong nonlinear behaviour due to viscous damping.’
    • ‘The attenuation of ground motions is due to the geometrical spreading of seismic waves and the loss of their energy that results from material damping or absorption of energy by the Earth's crust and mantle.’
    • ‘The idea is not new, but it is new to Porsche, and it firms the suspension's damping whenever required to reduce unwanted movements and give a tauter, more precise drive.’
    • ‘The actual influence depth is much smaller since the seismic wave decreases rapidly with geometric damping.’
    • ‘The vehicle's suspension system is a combined nitrogen gas spring and hydraulic damping system.’
    • ‘In this particular case, binary oscillations of semiquinone can be used to characterize damping of period four oscillations of oxygen evolution.’
    • ‘Taipei 101 has an 800-tonne damping system to help stabilise the building in case of earthquake.’
    • ‘Properties such as elasticity, viscosity, damping, inertia, friction and contact characteristics and other forces were assigned to discrete rigid-body elements.’
    relaxation, easing, easing off, reduction, abatement, weakening, slackening, diminution, diminishing, lessening, decrease, lightening, subsidence, contraction
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    1. 1.1 A mechanism for bringing about damping.
      • ‘The overall dimensions, damping system, bread carriage and marking fall under the tests for performance.’
      • ‘Fluid-filled vibration damping device having pneumatically oscillated members partially defining primary and auxiliary fluid chambers’
      • ‘The control system for the shock absorber damping regulator uses wheel acceleration sensors to monitor road conditions through vehicle movement.’
      • ‘Self-correcting and regulated damping and trimming mechanisms are most important in stabilizing swimming trajectories.’
      • ‘The angle between backrest and seat is adjustable through a wide range and a damping mechanism ensures smooth adjustment.’
      • ‘The so-called Brake Pedal Unit contains the hydraulic fluid reservoir, pedal damping and hydrostatic fail-safe unit.’
    2. 1.2 A method of bringing about a reduction in oscillatory peaks in an electric current or voltage using an energy-absorbing or resistance circuit.
      ‘menu-driven operation for the setting of other parameters such as meter damping’
      • ‘Plasmon waveguides can suffer losses caused by both radiation into the far field and internal damping.’
      • ‘Tuned damping, on the other hand, provides much higher levels of damping at selectively tuned frequencies.’
  • 2The death of young seedlings as a result of a fungal infection encouraged by damp conditions.

    The disease is caused by fungi of the genera Pythium (subdivision Mastigomycotina) or Fusarium (subdivision Deuteromycotina)

    • ‘This allows the pathogen to grow and infect the seed resulting in what we commonly refer to as seed decay or damping off.’
    • ‘Used compost, clinging to pots and trays, can harbour all manner of soil-borne pathogens, including the fungal spores that cause damping off.’
    • ‘Seedlings started indoors in pots are especially susceptible to a fungus disease called damping off, which causes young plants to suddenly wilt and die.’
    • ‘At least five species of Pythium cause seed decay, damping off, and root rot of soybean.’
    • ‘Symptoms associated with Phytophthora sojae infections include seed rots, pre- and post-emergence damping off of seedlings and stem rot of plants at various growth stages.’
    • ‘If conditions turn wet in May to early June when most soybeans are planted, the fungal pathogens involved in damping off will surely be active.’
    • ‘The increase in no-tillage and reduced tillage has increased the incidence of Phytophthora damping off in the state.’
    • ‘Make sure that your seedlings are getting their moisture, but don't over water or the disease called damping off could occur and ruin all of your hard work.’
    • ‘This is a different fungus than the one that causes early season damping off problems associated with soybean stand.’
    • ‘When seedlings suddenly bend at the soil line, it's often the work of a fungal disease called damping off.’
    • ‘Common onion diseases include damping off, botrytis leaf blight, downy mildew, and bacterial blight.’
    • ‘Seedling diseases including damping off and seed rot are the most common soybean disease problems in Nebraska.’