Definition of damnum in English:


nounPlural damna

  • A loss.

    ‘the infant plaintiff avers that she suffered the damnum’
    • ‘What is the injuria which has caused the damnum?’
    • ‘One can call them damnum absque injuria which simply means a loss without, in a sense, a legal remedy.’
    • ‘We learn that it must be wrapped in linen and kept out of the wind, in a place neither too hot nor too cold, ne damnum inferatur Patienti (so that no damage shall be inflicted upon the patient).’
    • ‘The damnum is single but each commits a separate injuria.’
    • ‘The principle can perhaps be stated as a variation of the maxim so that it reads ex turpi causa non oritur damnum, where the damnum is the loss which would have been recovered but for the relevant illegal or immoral act.’


Latin, ‘hurt, harm, or damage’.