Definition of damnify in English:



[WITH OBJECT]English Law
  • Cause injury to:

    ‘Article 86 gives rise to a cause of action at the suit of a person damnified by its contravention’
    • ‘The defendants are justified in their contention that the remedy of the party damnified by the solicitor's misconduct will become illusory.’
    • ‘In such a case the court has the power, and the duty, at the instance of the Attorney General on behalf of the public or of a person damnified, to restrain the further exercise of those powers not in accord with the special act.’
    • ‘If the bailor is damnified by the terms of the sub-bailment he has a cause of action against the head bailee.’


Early 16th century: from Old French damnefier, dam(p)nifier, from late Latin damnificare injure, condemn, from Latin damnificus hurtful, from damnus loss, damage.