Definition of dammit in English:



  • Used to express anger or frustration.

    ‘Stop, Ruth, dammit. I said stop it, right now’
    • ‘Sure the film is somewhat sappy and manipulative but its sappy and manipulative in a manly way dammit!’
    • ‘First she was Miss Universe, now she's a travel show host… they're my dream jobs, dammit!’
    • ‘We'd just prefer a composer who, rather than hiding his expressive potential, expressed something, dammit!’
    • ‘I suppose I'm a bit of a hoarder in many ways, but that was my data, dammit!’
    • ‘They are desperate to prove to themselves, and the world, that they're as good, no better, dammit!’
    • ‘We told them that we did not want them to fix it - we want a brand new washer that works the first time we use it, dammit!’
    • ‘Trains aren't supposed to get that close to waves, dammit!’
    • ‘I am officially on the wagon as they say, for the next month or so, and dammit!’
    • ‘He is giving the cable company a choice - a choice they never gave him, dammit!’
    • ‘It's images of the Northern Lights like this which make me wish that I lived a few degrees further north, dammit!’


  • as near as dammit

    • informal As close to being accurate as makes no difference.

      ‘it may not be a perfect match, but it's as near as dammit’
      • ‘To stay in the game they needed parity, or as near as dammit, on first innings and then to lay waste once more the Australian batting when they went in for a second time.’
      • ‘On account of not working in the city on Friday, Wednesday night effectively became my Thursday, which was as near as dammit to the end of the week - so when an invitation for drinkies was put out, I graciously accepted.’
      • ‘To Aachen in Germany - or as near as dammit - where yet another award for the Sunday Herald awaited collection, viz European Newspaper of the Year.’
      • ‘The side will be as near as dammit to the starting 15 that retained the All-Ireland title last September.’
      • ‘Im still working every hour God sends or as near as dammit, quite frankly I'm fed up of it.’
      • ‘The bookies rated their chances at 250-1 and that made it as near as dammit a statistical impossibility.’
      virtually, effectively, in effect, all but, more or less, practically, almost, nearly, close to, approaching, not far from, nearing, verging on, bordering on, well nigh, nigh on, just about, as good as, essentially, in essence, in practical terms, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in all but name
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Mid 19th century: alteration of damn it.