Definition of damaged goods in English:

damaged goods

plural noun

  • A person who is regarded as inadequate or impaired in some way:

    ‘‘See? I'm damaged goods. You don't want me’’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the results of last night's fights, the British champion and former champion are damaged goods surely nearing the end of their careers.’
    • ‘The man who beat him, sitting councillor Jeremy Sutcliffe, said ‘I think he is damaged goods.’’
    • ‘The president's credibility is in free fall, particularly among the elite and the middle class, and he is increasingly looking like badly damaged goods.’
    • ‘If it goes past a certain point, though, he's damaged goods and he'd unable to win back his post even if he were cleared of all charges later in the year.’
    • ‘Maybe she did it from genuine concern, maybe she did it to clear her own conscience, maybe she was passing me back as damaged goods.’
    • ‘He was damaged goods and what happened to him had a traumatic effect.’
    • ‘They have had their fun, but realise that they do not want someone to ‘spend their life with’ who might be damaged goods.’
    • ‘Another myth is that somehow children of single parents are damaged goods and this is also not true.’
    • ‘I think he is damaged goods, and everyone knows that he is only staying around not because he is so good at it but because nobody else could replace him in a hurry.’
    • ‘And so you have got to say I feel like damaged goods here.’
    • ‘We need to make some hits now so that he is damaged goods when he takes over.’
    • ‘It took us two years to get signed up after being on two labels already, because most bands with that track record are considered to be damaged goods.’
    • ‘He could easily have been damaged goods within a couple of years, running out of excuses for ever greater failures.’
    • ‘In a confusing world of choice it offers only absolutes: stay pure or else have sex, lose your boyfriend and your self-respect, and arrive at the altar at some unspecified future date as damaged goods.’
    • ‘John arrived at the club as damaged goods and the only way to lose that image is by being successful on the pitch and making headlines for all the right reasons.’
    • ‘As he attempts to climb back from the depths - if he can - he will from now on be damaged goods.’
    • ‘He is clearly damaged goods on both the physical and mental fronts, and a pariah in pinstripes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the players Rangers would be prepared to circulate are damaged goods.’
    • ‘And I know that being obviously damaged goods like I am at the moment will do nothing to improve my chances of finding anyone new…’
    • ‘They are damaged goods, the worse kind of bully - the kind raised with the idea that being a bully is ok, that being a star athlete gives you some kind of ownership over everyone around you.’