Definition of dama gazelle in English:

dama gazelle


  • A large long-legged gazelle with a mainly whitish coat, native to the southern and western Sahara (where it is now very rare).

    Gazella dama, family Bovidae

    Also called addra gazelle
    • ‘All dama gazelles have thin legs and a long, slender neck, as well as long, S-shaped horns, which are larger and thicker in males.’
    • ‘The dama gazelle is highly drought resistant - most of its water is obtained from its plant food.’
    • ‘Farther north in Africa, the dama gazelle of the Sahara region has suffered an 80 percent decline in the past decade because of uncontrolled hunting.’
    • ‘Inland, hooved mammals such as the dorcas gazelles, dama gazelles, and addax graze while keeping a watchful eye out for predators such as jackals and striped hyenas.’
    • ‘Like most desert species, the dama gazelle is highly nomadic, ranging widely in order to obtain sufficient nutrition.’


Modern Latin dama ‘fallow deer’ (the specific epithet of its Latin name).


dama gazelle