Definition of dama gazelle in English:

dama gazelle


  • A large long-legged gazelle with a mainly whitish coat, native to the southern and western Sahara (where it is now very rare).

    Also called addra gazelle
    • ‘Farther north in Africa, the dama gazelle of the Sahara region has suffered an 80 percent decline in the past decade because of uncontrolled hunting.’
    • ‘All dama gazelles have thin legs and a long, slender neck, as well as long, S-shaped horns, which are larger and thicker in males.’
    • ‘Like most desert species, the dama gazelle is highly nomadic, ranging widely in order to obtain sufficient nutrition.’
    • ‘Inland, hooved mammals such as the dorcas gazelles, dama gazelles, and addax graze while keeping a watchful eye out for predators such as jackals and striped hyenas.’
    • ‘The dama gazelle is highly drought resistant - most of its water is obtained from its plant food.’


Modern Latin dama ‘fallow deer’ (the specific epithet of its Latin name).


dama gazelle