Definition of Dall sheep in English:

Dall sheep

(also Dall's sheep)


  • A wild North American sheep found in mountainous country from Alaska to British Columbia.

    Ovis dalli, family Bovidae

    Also called white sheep
    • ‘Then there's the scenery - the mountains, the Dall sheep on the hillsides, the pods of Beluga whales passing by - where else can you find that?’
    • ‘Here, just 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, grizzly bears meander along the roads, caribou feed with calves in tow, and mountain goats and Dall sheep cling to high outcroppings.’
    • ‘Crossing the Continental Divide in midnight sunlight, we will encounter grizzlies, wolves, Dall sheep, caribou, musk oxen, and an astonishing variety of Arctic birds.’
    • ‘Polar and grizzly bear, caribou, musk ox, Dall sheep, wolf, arctic fox, and more than 100 species of migratory birds use the land.’
    • ‘Do you think you could successfully hunt Dall sheep in Alaska's most unforgiving country with a classic American hunting rifle?’


Early 20th century: named after William H. Dall (1845–1927), American naturalist.


Dall sheep