Definition of dalek in English:



  • A member of a race of hostile alien machine-organisms which appeared in the BBC television science fiction series Doctor Who from 1963.

    • ‘As it appears that children are now completely unable to walk to school, can we expect an evolutionary change in mankind so that we all resemble daleks!’
    • ‘I very much agree with what was said earlier about the dalek going into the future to make a new race of daleks.’
    • ‘Davros, leader and creator of the daleks, has been playing Mike Tucker in The Archers.’
    • ‘The daleks never scared me but the cybermen did.’
    • ‘Last week Barley Close residents likened their new bins to an invasion of daleks.’
    • ‘Moving on, the essential inhumanity of the dalek was highlighted by creating a gun and suction-pad arm out of a couple of cocktail sticks and a cherry.’
    • ‘I of course know about the daleks and the ‘master’ and other small pieces of Who trivia.’
    • ‘On Saturday afternoon, as we were walking home from the river with Nik and Andy, I passed a bloke with purposeful mien carrying a cake in the shape of a dalek.’
    • ‘They hop and can thus be defeated in much the same way as daleks.’
    • ‘With the exception of the two people who called to gloat, I'd like to thank the ladies and gentleman who texted, emailed or called to make sure I wasn't morphing into a human dalek.’
    • ‘Then as I got older I was soon hiding behind the sofa every time the daleks came on in Doctor Who.’
    • ‘Wembley was also where the daleks began their ill-fated invasion of earth (mostly flat, no staircases).’
    • ‘Royce is a familiar face from roles as diverse as Arthur Daley's accountant to a lovelorn poet in Up Pompeii, plus the voice of the daleks in Doctor Who.’
    • ‘At Victoria Station in London it would appear that they have toilet facilities for men, women, disabled people, and daleks.’
    • ‘Doctor Who without daleks would be like Morecambe without Wise or Wimbledon without strawberries.’
    • ‘How come daleks can't do stairs yet a Corby Trouser Press can?’
    • ‘The dalek and TARDIS (blue police box) belonged to Blake Edgerton, who runs a sci-fi memorabilia show in Brisbane.’
    • ‘Everyone sounds like daleks, but it was so wonderful to hear him,’ she said.’
    • ‘Mum had bought us an old, rust green Renault Four, a car that looked, and behaved like a dalek.’
    • ‘As they journey through the woods they don't realise that they are already being observed by a more ambitious and ruthless species of Alien… the daleks!’


1960s: invented by the scriptwriter Terry Nation ( 1930–97).