Definition of daggy in English:


adjectivedaggier, daggiest

Australian, NZ
  • 1(especially of clothes) scruffy.

    ‘‘pre-worn’ clothing might be a bit daggy’
    • ‘The chick was wearing a daggy long floral skirt.’
    • ‘Dressed in my daggy jeans and Panjabi MC tour tee shirt, I waited for the set to finish, and chatted with a random American chap out the front.’
    • ‘Or maybe they're just so drunk, they're under the misguided belief that Oxford Street is a daggy bohemian end of Kings Cross they've never encountered before.’
    • ‘I had actually rejected this shop on Tuesday because it looked daggy and dank up the back, but yesterday I felt I couldn't go past it again.’
    • ‘He dresses in daggy grey suits and is so shy he usually talks to the ground.’
    dowdy, frumpish, unfashionable, old-fashioned
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    1. 1.1 Not stylish; unfashionable.
      ‘a daggy disco track’
      • ‘It is rare to find a seat belt in a local car and wearing one is considered as daggy as wearing a helmet on a motorbike.’
      • ‘They learn how to cross roads without looking, ride on the wrong side of the street or cycleway, and that safety gear such as helmets is daggy.’
      • ‘I love this bag and would quite like to keep it, if it weren't for the fact that it wouldn't go with anything my daggy wardrobe.’
      • ‘My mum used to tuck my jumpers in when I was little, I realised how daggy that was at age four when my kinder friends laughed at me.’
      • ‘Any daggy, dated, old-fashioned dance move that had ever been shunned or made popular, I performed.’
      unfashionable, frumpish, frumpy, drab, dull, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of style, not smart, inelegant, badly dressed, ill-dressed, shabby, scruffy, faded, untidy, dingy, frowzy
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