Definition of cytolytic in English:



  • See cytolysis

    • ‘Cells semipermissive to viral replication, such as neurons for herpes simplex virus, allow little viral gene expression thus enabling the development of latent infection even with cytolytic viruses.’
    • ‘Host cells are rapidly killed by cytolytic enzymes or toxins.’
    • ‘As it has been found that this compound is cytolytic to human cells in vitro, the authors investigated whether it exerts the same effect on plant cells.’
    • ‘The important virulence factor of the bacteria is the enterotoxin responsible for gastroenteritis, the major enterotoxin being a cytolytic beta-haemolysin or aerolysin.’
    • ‘Melittin is a cytolytic peptide extracted from bee venom.’
    • ‘The human immune system fights cancer partly through the production of many populations of specialized immune cells called cytolytic T cells.’