Definition of Cymric in English:



  • Welsh in language or culture.

    • ‘Situated as it was between Scotland and Cumbria, Strathclyde retained aspects of both Gaelic and Cymric culture.’
    • ‘Before leaving the city, Henry composed a simple but attractive little piece in A minor entitled Cymric elegy, for three-part string orchestra.’
    • ‘Perhaps the book would have gained slightly from showing a keener devotion to the background Northumbrian tensions between Saxon and Cymric parties.’


mass noun
  • The Welsh language.

    • ‘There is no evidence that their ability to speak the language of their ancestors, in the same way that some Welsh people speak Cymric, is bad for the UK.’
    • ‘If you manage to beat Rob, he might just shout you a beer or swear at you in Cymric.’


Mid 19th century: from Welsh Cymru ‘Wales’, Cymry ‘the Welsh’, + -ic.