Definition of cyclostyle in English:



  • An early device for duplicating handwriting, in which a pen with a small toothed wheel pricks holes in a sheet of waxed paper, which is then used as a stencil.


  • Duplicate with a cyclostyle.

    ‘a cyclostyled leaflet’
    • ‘McCartney's reply bore all the marks of a cyclostyled circular for dissident party members.’
    • ‘Travellers from India brought me copies of underground newsletters, cyclostyled or badly printed on cheap paper, their ink smudged but their message clear, eloquent testimony both to the people's despair and their defiance.’
    • ‘They cyclostyled a few hundred copies, and released them on a bank holiday.’
    • ‘Enclosed with his letter were a few poems, submitted for a cyclostyled magazine I ran with some friends in Allahabad.’
    • ‘For many years he has published News from Fields and Slums, which began as a cyclostyled monthly magazine.’


Late 19th century: from cyclo- ‘circular’ + the noun style.