Definition of cyclone in English:



  • 1A system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low barometric pressure, with an anticlockwise (northern hemisphere) or clockwise (southern hemisphere) circulation; a depression.

    • ‘At the time of writing there is no report of damage from Orissa, another coastal state very susceptible to hurricanes and cyclones.’
    • ‘Each year, the tropics are battered by up to 40 hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones, while floods and landslides occur everywhere in numbers too great to keep track of.’
    • ‘The immediate cause of the famine is the drought in the southern part of the island and the cyclone that hit the east this year.’
    • ‘A cyclone in Bangladesh during 1991 caused 150,000 deaths.’
    • ‘A cyclone tore into India's southeastern coast yesterday, killing 11 people, officials said.’
    • ‘The year 1918 was noteworthy in northern Queensland for two of the worst cyclones in the country's history.’
    • ‘Visitors were told how weather data which flow in continuously from around 500 weather stations all over the country are analysed, plotted on maps and then low pressure zones determined to forecast depressions and cyclones.’
    • ‘The cyclones and monsoons that already bring such damage to the area could become even more frequent and intense.’
    • ‘During one trip to Mauritius I endured both a cyclone and a tropical storm in the space of a week, and saw enough rain to last me a lifetime.’
    • ‘An official from the meteorological office said forecasts indicated the cyclone could fizzle out before reaching Mozambique.’
    • ‘Orissa was recently devastated by the deadliest cyclone of the century causing death and destruction on an unheard of scale.’
    • ‘He believes climate change is also increasing the severity of cyclones and hurricanes, which are now appearing in areas never seen before, and outside their normal weather pattern.’
    • ‘As cyclones move inland, they form rain depressions and are an important source of rain.’
    • ‘Japhet hit northern Mozambique last week and is the second cyclone to devastate the southern African country this year.’
    • ‘Hundreds fled to storm shelters in the remote northern Cook Islands yesterday as the fourth cyclone in a month lashed the South Pacific nation.’
    • ‘The country has a warm climate and often experiences devastating cyclones and hurricanes.’
    • ‘Trends in tropical cyclone activity in the Australian region show that the total number of cyclones has decreased in recent decades.’
    • ‘Heavy rain and high winds, sometimes of destructive strength, can be experienced along the coast within several hundred kilometres of the centre of a cyclone.’
    • ‘Madagascar's vanilla production has been adversely affected in recent years by a series of devastating cyclones.’
    • ‘The coastal areas of Asia face future challenges: cyclones and their attendant surges will take an increasing toll as global warming disturbs weather systems.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for tropical storm
      • ‘Extreme weather events like floods, storms, and cyclones were predicted to rise as global warming disrupted weather patterns.’
      • ‘The meteorological satellite launched last year seeks to aid the forecast of severe weather events such as cyclones and storms.’
      • ‘Hurricanes and other cyclones that form in the tropics during summer and fall are very different from the extratropical storms that often form during winter even though both can produce very strong winds and flooding rain.’
      • ‘Climate extremes like flood, fire, cyclones and drought cause major impacts that can be minimised more effectively with climate forecasting.’
      • ‘The thin-framed, moveable glass walls were engineered to be resistant to tropical storms and cyclones.’
      • ‘Due to the intensive rainfall and high temperatures, disastrous weather such as thunder storms and cyclones are likely to occur.’
      • ‘Dunes are a first line of defence for the canopy forest, not only against the ravages of storms or cyclones, but against the harmful salt spray under normal conditions.’
      • ‘Heatwaves, cyclones, and floods, will become more frequent and intense.’
      • ‘We are all used to cyclones and storms lashing Florida and the surroundings.’
      • ‘Already we are witnessing numerous irregularities and disturbances in the climatic system - heat waves, floods, squalls, storms, cyclones and thunderstorms.’
      • ‘As well as facing a severe economic crisis, over the past two years the island has been hit by serious flooding due to tropical storms and cyclones that have devastated agricultural production.’
      hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, storm, superstorm, tornado, windstorm, whirlwind, tempest
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Mid 19th century: probably from Greek kuklōma ‘wheel, coil of a snake’, from kuklos ‘circle’. The change of spelling from -m to -n is unexplained.