Definition of cyberweapon in English:



  • A piece of computer software or hardware used to commit cyberwarfare.

    ‘this cyberweapon is reportedly capable of altering text and audio, intercepting keyboard input, and disrupting network traffic’
    • ‘Whether a cyberweapon can boomerang depends on its state of the art, according to computer security experts.’
    • ‘The military is ready to retaliate if the U.S. is hit by cyberweapons, the Defense Secretary said.’
    • ‘A senior official said cyberweapons were as powerful as nuclear weapons and "should be unleashed only on the direct orders of the commander in chief."’
    • ‘Many such cyberweapons, in fact, can fit on an ordinary USB thumb drive.’
    • ‘The country has a new cyberweapon that can be used to hijack internet traffic and turn it against websites that it doesn't like, according to researchers.’
    • ‘The hackers used off-the-shelf malware to wipe the firm's computers, a cyberweapon they probably bought on the Internet black market.’
    • ‘Unlike weapons for conventional warfare, cyberweapons are easily pilfered by the designers.’
    • ‘Whether those threats will be variants of this new breed of home-grown cyberweapon remains to be seen.’
    • ‘Like our nuclear arsenal during the Cold War, our cyberweapons arsenal must be pretargeted and ready to launch.’
    • ‘It is likely that the increase in spending will also go towards the development of cyberweapons.’