Definition of cyberwarrior in English:



  • A computer expert engaged in the infiltration or sabotage of information systems, or in the defence of information systems against outside attack, typically for strategic or military purposes.

    ‘for the governments facing increasing computer attacks, the biggest challenge is finding the right cyberwarriors to fight back’
    • ‘A big obstacle to the Pentagon's plan will be finding qualified people to fill the new cyberwarrior slots.’
    • ‘Sailors who have suffered through recent slow connectivity should know the Navy's top cyberwarriors are aware of the problem.’
    • ‘Clarke's new vision is bristling with digital spooks and cyberwarriors, a dangerous future that he warns has already arrived.’
    • ‘He suggested the military might have to re-examine some of its recruiting standards to attract the most adept cyberwarriors.’
    • ‘The military's top cyberwarriors gathered last year inside a secretive compound at Fort Meade for a classified war game exercise.’
    • ‘This much growth will not be easy - finding, keeping and focusing cyberwarriors will remain challenging for the U.S. military.’
    • ‘The military's top cyberwarrior predicted the rules would be ironed out in a month or two and sent to other federal agencies for discussion.’
    • ‘Plans to create a special military medal for drone operators and cyberwarriors have been canceled.’
    • ‘A senior MI5 counter-intelligence expert has been appointed to help repel cyberwarriors working for foreign governments.’