Definition of cyanic acid in English:

cyanic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless, poisonous, volatile, strongly acidic liquid.

    See also isocyanic acid
    and See also fulminic acid
    • ‘These data are in accordance with those presented by Vitti et al., who reported reduction of 70% in cyanic acid in the raw leaves of cassava during the dehydration process.’
    • ‘Hydrated cyanic acid is a volatile and highly blistering fluid, which cannot be brought into contact with water without being instantaneously decomposed.’
    • ‘But esters of normal cyanic acid are not known.’
    • ‘Ramberg has cast a sceptic's eye over the familiar story of how Wöhler's synthesis of urea from cyanic acid and ammonia in 1828 dispelled the notion of vitalism by creating an organic compound from inorganic components.’
    • ‘Because of this additional oxygen atom, cyanic acid has an extremely low toxicity to livestock and fish, as opposed to hydrocyanic acid.’


Early 19th century: from cyanogen + -ic.


cyanic acid