Definition of cutlassfish in English:



  • A long, slender marine fish with sharp teeth and a dorsal fin running the length of the back.

    Family Trichiuridae: several species, including the Atlantic Trichiurus lepturus (also called snakefish), an important food fish in the tropics

    • ‘The cutlassfishes are characterized by a scaleless, band-shaped body tapering to a slim pointed tail, with one dorsal fin extending the whole length of the body; the anal is also long but is very low.’
    • ‘Oh, and I caught a bunch of cutlassfish in the lagoon of Puerto Maya on my fly rod.’
    • ‘The scabbard fish, variety of the cutlassfish, is the most highly regarded of the cutlassfish family.’
    • ‘Atlantic cutlassfish, or ribbonfish as they're more often called in Texas, have no scales.’
    • ‘Sometimes, during periods of heavy fishing pressure when dozens of boats are slow-trolling live menhaden, anglers trolling dead cutlassfish do exceptionally well since the trolled offerings stand out.’