Definition of cut someone in in English:

cut someone in

phrasal verb

  • Include someone in a deal and give them a share of the profits.

    ‘he didn't mind my having a racket, he was just narked that I hadn't cut him in’
    • ‘The investment houses essentially gave them kickbacks by cutting them in on IPOs.’
    • ‘So, should anyone have any ingenious ideas, please let us know and we may, in our unsurpassed magnanimity, decide to cut you in on the deal.’
    • ‘I suppose they're probably still trying to figure out how to cut Halliburton in on the action.’
    • ‘I'll cut you in for the regular fifteen percent.’
    • ‘We did think of offering to cut you in on the deal as well, but, well, you're already so damnably wealthy that any gains from out little scheme would hardly be worth your while.’
    • ‘I'm guessing the real violation here was not cutting him in for his fair share of the action.’
    • ‘He cut Ross in on a share because he needed another pair of hands.’
    • ‘The Mir protested that this was his people's traditional form of income - but if Queen Victoria was unhappy, he could cut her in on the action.’
    • ‘He say's as soon as he gets to it, he's gonna cut us in on the share.’
    • ‘Lawyers and bankers all over America were careful not to get on the bad side of the big boys from New York, who could cut them in on lucrative business.’