Definition of cut one's own throat in English:

cut one's own throat


  • Bring about one's own downfall by one's actions.

    • ‘Remembering back, I would say that he cut his own throat on Pleasantville in very much the same way.’
    • ‘There are lots of pithy quotes, from Dennis Hopper's ‘I had final cut and cut my own throat ‘, relating to his drug-fuelled The Last Movie, to John Milius's ‘Hollywood was a walled city.’’
    • ‘Harvey's a guardsman, I was registered as a Democrat but totally nonpolitical, had made sure that it stayed out of my consulting practice because the first thing you do when you get that into a consulting practice is you cut your own throat.’
    • ‘People who try to throw a fastball by him, especially with runners in scoring position, are cutting their own throat.’
    • ‘You're cutting your own throat in the American League, if you do, because the league is going to gouge each other's eyes out with a heavy accent on big innings.’
    • ‘Pragmatism in politics is nothing more than a means of cutting your own throat in the slowest and most excruciating manner.’
    • ‘But if you must cut your marketing, don't cut your own throat.’
    • ‘But you have to wonder if they're cutting their own throat, losing out on the premium SMS's, and the data transfer costs.’
    • ‘When Dad asked how practice had gone, the kid said, ‘Fine,’ effectively cutting his own throat.’
    • ‘He was told he'd be cutting his own throat when he brought Jasper Johns to the Fringe in 1964.’