Definition of cut one's losses in English:

cut one's losses


  • Abandon an enterprise or course of action that is clearly going to be unprofitable or unsuccessful before one suffers more loss or harm.

    ‘an inner voice was urging her to cut her losses and go back to England’
    • ‘You will put 1 and 2 together, and decide to cut your losses and drop out now while the getting is good and the fall TV season is still relatively new.’
    • ‘You wonder if after 3 days you should cut your losses.’
    • ‘But as the race draws to a close the campaigns are cutting their losses in areas they think they cannot win and concentrating their resources in those where they have more chance.’
    • ‘Still, if the space station is in such bad shape - much costlier than planned, much later than planned, much smaller than planned - why shouldn't we just cut our losses and abandon it now?’
    • ‘This doesn't mean we get to go on a killing spree, but it's time we realize cutting our losses might be the wisest move.’
    • ‘As for troop withdrawal, there is a distinction between cutting your losses and delegating military power to local troops.’
    • ‘They simply cannot learn to cut their losses, abandon issues they can't win, and get on with it.’
    • ‘He may have been better off giving up and cutting his losses.’
    • ‘Now my parents have had their share of stormy weather and I know that at times they have both wanted to abandon ship, cut their losses and move on but they stuck with it as they promised each other they would do the day they married.’
    • ‘It is the perennial decision facing drivers stuck in a traffic jam: stay on the road and hope that whatever is causing the tailback clears itself, or cut your losses and take the next exit.’