Definition of cut it (or things) fine in English:

cut it (or things) fine


  • Allow a very small margin of something, especially time.

    ‘boys who have cut it rather fine are scuttling into chapel’
    • ‘Another US Olympic legend Jenny Thompson also cut it fine coming in second behind Rachel Komisarz in the 100m fly, but should still make the journey to Greece for her fourth Olympics.’
    • ‘We had the turf remover for three hours which was cutting it fine - especially since the thing kept stalling if you didn't have the choke out, but wouldn't cut turf if you did.’
    • ‘The airport bus wasn't due to leave for 20 minutes, and it was already 6: 10, which was going to be cutting it fine for a 7pm flight.’
    • ‘‘You're cutting it fine,’ said a thin man with dry lips.’
    • ‘If you still haven't got around to filling in your tax return, then you're cutting it fine.’
    • ‘They're cutting things fine in Athens as the jackhammers around the main stadium mix with the sounds of rehearsals for the Opening Ceremony.’
    • ‘Started out trying to get the holiday sorted out first, though - we go a week today, so we're cutting it fine already.’
    • ‘At evening signings I'll always stay and make sure everyone goes away happy, but on this tour there will be several places where I'll need to go from a signing to another signing, so don't cut it fine.’
    • ‘Thankfully, my instincts for not cutting it fine where travel plans are concerned kicked in, and I made it ok.’
    • ‘If you have your exam timetable to hand you are already cutting it fine.’