Definition of cut in in English:

cut in

phrasal verb

  • 1Interrupt someone while they are speaking.

    ‘‘It's urgent,’ Raoul cut in’
    • ‘‘Sally,’ said John cutting in on the conversation.’
    • ‘Alison opened her mouth to begin explaining, but Lily cut in.’
    • ‘The other woman began to protest, but the girl cut in.’
    • ‘‘I would really like you to come,’ Frankie cut in, taking his turn to interrupt me.’
    • ‘I began reading off of the script, before she cut in.’
    interrupt, butt in, break in, interject, interpose, chime in
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  • 2Pull in too closely in front of another vehicle after having overtaken it.

    ‘she cut in on a station wagon, forcing the driver to brake’
    • ‘Half-listening, I braked as a decidedly more upmarket vehicle cut in front of the van, giving the driver the finger as he peeled off into the surge of traffic up ahead.’
    • ‘If anyone cuts in front of you, the car slows to the pre-set safe distance then speeds up again once the vehicle moves out of the way.’
    • ‘Imagine cruising along at 200 km/h plus when a vehicle travelling at 160 cuts in front of you.’
    • ‘They became upset when the two military policemen who were riding a motorcycle ignored all the vehicles lined up for gas and cut in front of their car.’
    • ‘A couple told a court how he honked his horn and shook his fist as he overtook them, before cutting in and forcing them to swerve into the central reservation.’
    • ‘She'd been driving her car, and a man had cut in front of her, then stopped - she slammed on the brakes but hit him from behind.’
    • ‘When someone cuts in front of you in traffic or honks at you if you hesitate, do you mutter an epithet or react with fear?’
    • ‘However, I will sometimes be driving along correctly when a young hooligan cuts in front of me because he sees a white head and thinks I will drive slowly and hold him up.’
    • ‘So he speeds the wrong way down one-way streets, runs red lights, mounts the sidewalks, cuts in front of ambulances, until finally he's stopped by a cop who takes one look at him and radios the station.’
    • ‘Inevitably, they will have to slam on the brakes and cut in front of you in order to avoid hitting the very large transport truck in the oncoming lane.’
  • 3(of a motor or other mechanical device) begin operating, especially when triggered automatically by an electrical signal.

    ‘emergency generators cut in’
    • ‘To be legal, the motor must be linked to the pedals so it only cuts in when you pedal - ‘electric assist’, rather than ‘electric propelled’.’
    • ‘A strange feeling began to grow in Fin's gut, his instincts cutting in, telling him something was wrong.’
    • ‘Moving back up the other side of the finger to about 15m, the fun began as the current cut in and we headed rapidly over a seascape of hard and soft coral outcrops.’
    • ‘Nerves began cutting in and he shuffled his feet.’
    • ‘As with other services, performance is controlled electronically, electric fans cutting in when the natural effect is too weak.’
    • ‘Thick electric guitar cuts in on the refrain, a false start that teases at a closing firestorm, but shuts down instead, bowing to the pastoral glow of the verses.’
    • ‘The exhaust has a butterfly valve, which cuts in between 1,500 rpm and 3,000 rpm.’
    • ‘I sort of liked number four - a biological cause - but couldn't see how such a trigger could cut in so synchronously everywhere.’
    • ‘So this morning, my high-speed Internet connection suddenly begins cutting in and out, mostly out.’
    • ‘Reverting to the inexcusable late payment subsidies, I believe there should be an automatic interest charge which cuts in as soon as the appointed day of payment passes.’
  • 4dated Interrupt a dancing couple to take over from one partner.

    ‘Saturday night she goes to an informal dance where men are rare and any girl may cut in’
    • ‘During slow song number four a red-haired girl asked to cut in.’
    • ‘He eventually came to his senses and cut in between my dancing partner and I.’
    • ‘Isn't it customary to ask the person's dancing partner before cutting in?’
    • ‘Now another Marine cut in, pulling the dancing rasta queen his way.’
    • ‘Marianna cut in with the girl he was dancing with but as soon as she did the smell went away.’
    interrupt, butt in, break in, interject, interpose, chime in
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