Definition of cut a swathe through in English:

cut a swathe through


  • Pass through (something) causing great damage, destruction, or change.

    ‘the great storm cut a swathe through the country’
    • ‘Although there have been many protests as the giant fence cuts a swathe through communities and farmland, the ultra orthodox ruling tyke party vowed to continue the construction.’
    • ‘This period of relative tranquility ended around 1240, when Tartar invaders were cutting a swath through Europe.’
    • ‘Increasing numbers of ticks have cut a swath through the young grouse populations.’
    • ‘For reinstall and reformat like the champions of old had cut a wide swath across the plains and laid waste to the evil of the registry which had existed.’
    • ‘He said the Environment Canada reports reinforces his perception that the province was lax in its preparation for the hurricane, which cut a wide swath of destruction across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.’
    • ‘Wald singled out AIDS, which is cutting a swath through many of the continent's armies.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, she'd begun to rent a small house near where much of the earlier destruction had cut a swath through the town.’
    • ‘A gay stigma - particularly powerful in the still homophobic world of African-Americans - keeps the disease on the ‘down-low’ even as it cuts a swathe through whole populations.’
    • ‘In many African communities where AIDS has cut a swath through the young adult population, the older generation is caring for its grown-up children and their children.’
    • ‘Another shell burst overhead, cutting a swath through the scattered ranks of brown greatcoats.’