Definition of cut a deal in English:

cut a deal


North american
  • Come to an arrangement, especially in business; make a deal.

    ‘he had gone to the board of directors with his new robot design and cut a deal’
    • ‘They parted company earlier this year without cutting a deal.’
    • ‘While I think the logic of ‘pay-as-you-go’ is deeply flawed and I do not embrace it, what's wrong with cutting a deal that ‘pays’ for tax cuts with more spending cuts?’
    • ‘By trying to lock in too many controls before cutting a deal, techies argue, Hollywood is alienating customers and slowing the growth of a huge new digital audience.’
    • ‘They fight over their share of the surplus rather than cutting a deal, precisely because they have future bargains in mind (with other parties too).’
    • ‘So what if it means cutting a deal with the same drug dealers, pimps, bookies and murderers you busted earlier in the week?’
    • ‘It's a really blatant case of government cutting a deal for big business against the public interest.’
    • ‘However, my blogger training permitted me to notice that the U.S. was cutting a deal on generic medicines in advance of the Cancun trade talks.’
    • ‘And the father pleads guilty to a long sentence, purportedly to help his son, but without actually cutting a deal with prosecutors to help his son, for reasons that are obscure.’
    • ‘Doing this requires either cutting a deal with one of the floating parties, or gobbling the center.’
    • ‘Negotiations get serious, and the infant US is faced with the choice of either cutting a deal or fighting on alone.’