Definition of cut a caper in English:

cut a caper


  • Make a playful skipping movement.

    ‘he cut a little caper as he walked along the corridor’
    • ‘Before we know it, the God-fearing Sabah has become a fiddlestick - sipping Chardonnay and cutting a caper across the parks of Toronto for trysts with her new lover.’
    • ‘After a time, Fun came out of the hole, cut a caper in front of Sulkyface, and gave a peculiar shriek, which forced him to give a momentary smile in spite of himself.’
    • ‘Darlene Enke and Jessica Hanel cut a caper in Threepenny Opera.’
    • ‘Without another word, Tom flings himself on the old gentleman's neck; throws up his hat; cuts a caper; defies the waiting-maid; and refers her to the butcher.’
    • ‘And the hag, insisting that she felt a child quick within her, begged Bourgeois to feel how the wee jester cut a caper in her belly.’
    • ‘When he clowned people laughed dutifully, when he cut a caper they applauded reverentially.’
    • ‘The poor little fellow could neither sing nor dance, and had not sufficient breath left to cut a caper or turn a back somersault.’
    • ‘He, too, stopped to listen, and he even cut a caper or two in the hope of attracting attention.’
    • ‘Dressed in white for her next entrance, in ACT III, she smokes a cigarette and laughs at Ariel, who cuts a caper, mincing air with someone's sword.’
    • ‘This is your chance to practice cutting a caper.’